Comix Talk for Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh bad calls from referees… where would we be without you?  3-2 over Slovenia that's wat!  @#%!@$!

Milestone?:  Wow – a blast from the past: Mr. Furious is bringing Movie Comics back… after a seven year break!  New comics launch next week.

iWEBCOMICS: Brigid Alverson has an interview with Longbox CEO Rantz Hoseley on the public beta of the Longbox "digital comics distribution system" – the latest "itunes for comics" idea.  I've got this installed at home — decent program, but until there's content in it to buy and use, it's basically an overblown .cbz reader.

LEGAL: Storming the Tower blog reports that Dale Zak is bringing back his Web Comics iPhone app which caused a bit of controversy earlier this year.  I meant to write about this back then but never really got a chance to put together my thoughts.  One thing I will note now though is that I don't really agree with Lauren Davis' analysis that the Web Comics app was legal.  I'm not sure it's illegal either, but the nature of copyright and fair use is tricky and one needs to wade carefully through that thicket.  Start with looking at the terms of use of an RSS feed (if there is one)?  What does the law say in the absence of an explicit terms of use?  Is there a difference between consuming an RSS feed and republishing an RSS feed?  If you're going to rely on fair use as an affirmative defense to copying, how do the four factors of fair use shake out in this case (and do you need to apply it to every feed separately?).  There's also good reasons to ask whether regardless of the current law, is this a good thing or a bad thing (one might ask how does it impact incentives towards creative expression in the world) and whether or not independent creators should have a say over this kind of use.

Okay, class with Professor X is over (just call me Socratic Methodman).

FROM THE MAILBAG: Nicholas Dishington writes about his new webcomic Integration.  A photo comic often puts me off immediately but the photography is actually the strength of this creepy, dystopian comic.


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