Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

I want to point folks to the Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast organized by Carly Monardo.  The actual auction will launch in early July but webcomic artists can look into donating work for the auction now.

All proceeds from the Web-Comics Auction will be donated to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund, which is being managed by The Baton Rouge Area Foundation. You can read about this charity here.

Who is Donating?
Alice Hunt & Tracy Williams – Goodbye Chains
Anthony Clark – Nedroid
Brandon Bird – Brandon Bird's Brandon Bird-O-Rama!
Carly Monardo – Whirring Blender Design Challenge
Christopher Hastings – The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja
Dean Trippe – Butterfly & Project: Rooftop
Jamie Noguchi – Yellow Peril
Jason Viola – Herman The Manatee
Jeph Jacques – Questionable Content
Jon Rosenberg – Goats
Kate Beaton – Hark A Vagrant
Lauren Monardo – The Slightly Askew Adventures Of Inspector Ham And Eggs
Lynn Lau – Tuesday With Everything In It
Matt Rainwater & Austin Price – Garage Raja
Phil Foglio – Girl Genius
Rosscott – Rosscott, Inc.
Stephanie McMillan – Code Green & Minimum Security
Tony Piro – Calamities Of Nature


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