Comix Talk for Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey it's Friday — let's do this thing and then blow this popsicle stand!

Lost in Comics by JJ Harrison

HYPEY MCHYPE: I've been meaning to link Lost in Comics for awhile now — a very nice comic inspired by the now-ended teevee series Lost. I really like the art from JJ Harrison on this.

DEAD TREES: Dylan Meconis shows off the book version of her webcomic Family Man.

CODE:  Frumph, the lead programming developer for ComicPress is going to appear at the Intervention convention to host panels and hands-on workshops for CSS, WordPress, and ComicPress set up and tweaking.

BUSINESS: The Daily Cartoonist reports that 8 newspaper cartoonists have created a website together.  The eight cartoonists are: Tom Batiuk (Funky Winkerbean), Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), Greg Evans (Luanne), Peter Guren (Ask Shagg), Jeff Keane (The Family Circus), Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues), Mike Luckovich (editorial cartoonist/Atlanta Journal Constitution) and Jerry Scott (Baby BluesZits).


  • Paul Dwyer writes that he has two new books coming out collecting his experimental comics. Full previews of both books (and links to where to purchase) are available at Comex BooksComics Experiments features various short comics stories, ranging from one page abstract pieces to the thirty-page "Omega", a comic based on images from old public domain movies; and Codex Optica, volume 1 collects the first arc of Dwyer's ongoing webcomic which consists of a progressively changing five-by-five grid of photographic images.  Dwyer is also the creator of the webcomics I Shot Roy!.
  • Chuck Whelon writes that he's been illustrating board and card games for Minion Games including: Those Pesky Humans, Nile, Sturgeon, and Legitimacy. They'll be available for purchase in late July 2010.  Lots more details at Chuck blog here — including a way to get a 10% discount.  Chuck is the creator of the very funny, fantasy webcomic, Pewfell.
  • Shaun Gardiner writes that the next part of The Boy with Nails for Eyes is available online. ComixTalk looked at the first chapter of this webcomic back in April.
  • Sam Costello writes that Departing for the Third Heaven is now up at the Split Lip website.  It tells the tale of a cat given by one friend to another and the strange bond that cat develops with his new owner – one that extends beyond the grave.  The new webcomic in the Split Lip horror series was written by Sam Costello and drawn by Providence-based painter and illustrator Josie Morway.


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