Comix Talk for Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bring on Ghana!  (Just an aside, I think a lot of cartoonists would get more work done if after every time they finished an excellent piece of work they heard something like this.)

Volume 7

FINAL FLIGHT IN SIGHT: Scott McCloud remembers buying the very first installment of the Flight anthology at SDCC in 2004. It really is an impressive roster of talent when you look back on the contributors to the entire series.  Looking forward to the seventh and final volume!

iWEBCOMIC: The Beat has a short post on the new DC Comics iPhone/Pad/Pod app. All the early reaction stuff is probably better spent just downloading and trying the dang thing — although I might wait until all bugs get squashed.

CONTEST: The Washington Post's comics blogger, Michael Cavna, announces the five finalists of his "Next Greatest Cartoonist" contest.

INTERVIEW: Graphic NYC has an interview with Nick Abadzis.

REVIEWS: Cory Doctorow with a positive review of David Malki!'s Dapper Caps & Peddle-copters.  El Santo reviews Bottle of Awesome

AROUND DEM BLOGS: The Beat links to an online posting of the Beasts of Burden story by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.


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