Comix Talk for Friday, March 12, 2010

Kimiko “Kim” Ross from Dresden CodakRainy, dreary day in Washington DC today.  And it's FRIDAY.  Sigh…  On an even more boring note, I'm slowly making some tweaks to everyone's "user account" (eventually I'll even get around to 'prettying up' your user pages) and you can upload a much better quality photo/picture for your user avatar here at ComixTalk now.  Just log in and click on "my account" over there at the bottom of the right hand column, then "edit" and at the bottom of the page you should see where you can upload a picture for your user avatar.

CONTEST: The winner of the Escapist website's webcomic contest has been announced — details and a gallery of the finalists' entries here.

HYPE!:  New Dresden Codak!  It's a webcomic and a game (and a floor wax!) — I think folks should try and play this at conventions.

BUSINESS: Comic Alliance points to the latest comic from Let's Be Friends Again which nails the direct market dynamic of DC and Marvel.

LINKS: Ben has a list of webcomic news, forum and podcast sites – if you need a bigger fix, you might check out some of the sites he's listed.


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