Comix Talk for Friday, September 7, 2011

Awhile back we reviewed a comic book from the UK collective, Whores of Mensa — well they’re back with a new project, The Strumpet, which will include UK and US artists.  This time they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of the first issue – they are already more than a 1/3 of the way there so check out the project and contributing artists, including Patrice Aggs, Jeremy Day, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Kripa Joshi, Megan Kelso, Ellen Lindner, Mardou, Tanya Meditzky, Lucy Sweet, plus special surprise guests.

REVIEW: Forbidden Planet reviews James Turner’s new all ages book, Super Animal Adventures.

MAKE A WISH:  Thanks to Tim Rocks for sending us a copy of his mini-comic, Peter Moss: The Kid Who Has Adventures.  It’s about a dude misdiagnosed with a terminal illness… let the comedy hijinks ensue? I’m torn in trying to describe it — it didn’t really click for me, but Rocks has some talent. I wish he’d post the thing as a webcomic so he could get a lot more feedback faster.

HOW MUCH FOR ONE RIB:  Ray Hayden’s new graphic novel Agatha Crup and the Legend of The Olin, launches October 31st.  In Hebrew folklore, Adam had a wife before God made Eve from his rib — her name was Lilith.  Supernatural character Agatha Crup secretly works against the destructive force of Lilith and her demon army. Lilith returns on “All Hallows Eve” when the dead walk the earth and unleashes an incurable mutating disease spread by genetically modified foods and animals that infects men. The widespread infection radically changes the world as we know it putting women firmly in control.

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