Yo Adrian!

Happy Europe Meets America Day?  If you've never read Charles Mann's 1491 and 1493 books btw they are a really interesting, well researched look at the Americas before and after the collision with Europe.


Danny Limor wrote asking us to check out his webcomic Neutron City Comix. He describes it as a humorous strip about a group of nerds who work in a comic book store — the characters are all completely aware of the fact that they are in a comic strip to the point where I am a regular character in the comic with whom the other characters interact.  That looks about right — it's a fairly cute strip with a lot of geek culture jokes, and kid-friendly as far as I can tell.

Gary Fetters' webcomic Hamster Tails is about kids, a hamster (of course) and  a couple of superheroes thrown in for good measure.  It's a newspaper style comic and looks to be pretty consistently G-rated.


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