Comix Talk for March 2, 2010

Scott McCloud

INTERVIEW: Graphic NYC interviews Scott McCloud.

iWEBCOMICSBleeding Cool blog reports that a new beta version of Longbox, the comics reader-and-collector-and-social-networking software, will be available to the public this weekend.  Prior versions of Longbox were in private beta..

CONTEST: The Escapist website webcomic contest has a couple of additional judges you might recognize: Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and Brian Clevinger (8 Bit Theatre). The deadline for entries closed February 28th and winners will be chosen the week of March 8th.

JUSTIFY THE HYPE: The Comics Are Evil blog spotlights an old skool webcomic, The Parking Lot is Full, by Pat Spacek and Jack McLaren.

MILESTONES: Chris Crosby's Superosity hits its eleven year anniversary.  That's super! (h/t FLEEN)


Xaviar Xerexes

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