Comix Talk for Monday: 5 Good Comics

Why hello there!  Xavier’s not home but we found these keys under the door mat.  I figure I might as well make myself some tea and sit by this nice fire I've built in his kitchen sink.  Oh who the hell am I? I'm Daniel Potter of Walking the Lethe and I'm here with Amanda Potter of, we're your guest bloggers this week.  Come, take a seat and we'll kick off the week with five of my personal favorites at the moment.  

Best comic that wrote itself into a corner and had to have a future version of the heroine come in and bail herself out.  Little White Mouse by Paul Sizer.

Best sickeningly sweet comic that you’ve never heard of Sweet and Sour Grapes by Diana Stoneman.

Best comic that  died just as things were getting really interesting is Thunderstruck by Taylor Grayson.

Comic with the best character designs on the internet, Skin Deep by Kory Bing.

And finally, the best comic that was clearly inspired by Firefly, 

Crimson Dark by David Simon.

Thanks for reading!