Comix Talk for Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks for the replies so far from folks with low user accounts numbers for the then and now story I'm working on.  Still interested in more comments if you're interested in sharing your stories and thoughts.  Also – there's a list of ComixTalk members here which for now shows basic info (including ID#) but I hope to spiff up more as time goes by.

BUSINESS: There has been some hype about the new webcomic Oh, Brother! from Jay Stephens and Bob Weber Jr. because they're backed by King Features and for awhile I didn't really see any big deal about it, but reading the comments to this thread at the Daily Cartoonist, I think the fact that King set these guys up in a very typical indy webcomic type situation is potentially very interesting.

HYPE:  Here's a story about the webcomic Moss by Yoon Tae-ho — so popular in its home country of Korea that a movie version has already been made. (h/t Comic Reporter).  Tae-ho's current webcomic is called SETI and is available here.

REVIEW: Lauren Davis reviews Sam Costello's Split Lip Volume 2.

NOT WEBCOMICS: Jamie Noguichi has a kickstarter project for PuppyCow, a new toy he wants you to luuuuuvvvvv…


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