Comix Talk for Monday, June 14, 2010

What is this WORLD CUP you speak of?  Sorry England, maybe you ought to play a few sports with your hands now and then…

HYPEY McHYPE:  This week is the launch of The Gutters, the third webcomic from creator Ryan Sohmer.  He's writing this one with collaborator Lar De Souza acting as art director supervising a rotating roster of artists. Ed Ryzowski is the colorist.  The whole superhero genre is perhaps too easy a target for another parody/comedy comic but it's off to a great start with the first one.  Updates three times a week.

TOOLS:  Speaking of webcomic wordpress solutions: Webcomic CMS is moving from 2.1 to 3.0 very soon.  There's a new site close to launching and a video on upgrading already out.

GUESTASTIC: Guilded Age is looking for a few good guest comics from its fans.  Due by June 24th.



  • I got an email from Josiah Golojuh about Graphation, a film festival built around the idea that the winner gets their film turned into a graphic novel to be published by IDW.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what's going on.  It does seem… backwards as most of the time film is pillaging comics for projects these days.
  • Got an email from Tom Sexton, creator of the webcomic Folly and Innovation.  The art is… not great.  A lot of the problems with the art could be fixed though — the creator could try varying the line thicknesses in the work, and experiment with his production process, part of the problem is a kind of poorly-scanned look on the monitor.  Basically practice, practice, practice.  There are some funny comics in the archives, I especially liked Awkward Speed Dating, Arguing on the Internet, Judging a Book By Its Cover, That Milkshake Song, and there were a few others that elicited a half-chuckle.  There were also a lot that just missed for me.  But if this were one of those contest reality shows, I think I'd say "Tom, there's something there, but you need to step up your game next week… or you're getting CHOPPED."  Well if this was one of those Food network contest reality shows…

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