Webcomic Creator and Stumptown Founder Indigo Kelleigh’s Holding a Liquidation Sale

Indigo Kelleigh

Do you like the comics that Indigo Kelleigh has created over the last decade?  Ever been to Portland's Stumptown Comics Fest that he got started? Well right now he's in need of some financial liquidity so if you've ever been interested in owning some quality Kelleigh swag or just showing the guy your appreciation for his work – now's an EXCELLENT time to do so.  Kelleigh wrote this Wednesday:

I try not to talk about personal stuff on the site too much, there are some things I just don't feel I need to share with everybody. But, this time I'm making an exception. Right now I'm having a Liquidation Sale over at my Lunarbistro.com store. All of my inventory needs to go, and everything is priced at or below cost, including my 8-Bit Tarot decks, and all of my Ellie Connelly merchandise and comics. The reasons for this sale are here in a blog post. If you've been wanting to help support the comic in some way, buying something from my store at this time would be a great way to do it, and would really mean a lot to me. Thanks, and I'll have a new page up later this week.


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