Comix Talk for Monday, March 21, 2011

Have I mentioned the ComixTalk facebook page in awhile? If you're on FB you can catch up with just about all of ComixTalk through our page there.

HYPE: Lauren Davis writes about a new anthology called A Comic Book Guide to the Mission. It's got a cover from Chuck Whelon (see above)! and work from a bunch of artists local to San Francisco, CA. There's a review here.

INTERVIEW: An interview with Vanessa Davis (and pictures of her work space).

HYPE: I have often expressed a fondness for the BLOGGER character in Gordon's MULTIPLEX comic. A recent plot thread has main character Jason working for him and today's callback punchline made my morning (so far!). (NOTE: last panel of today is a callback to a line from the blogger's first appearance)

CODE: A beta release of a new version of MangaPress is out.  Haven't used MangaPress but it's another way to use WordPress for webcomics.

IRONCAT: El Santo comments on a recent blog post about burnout by Chris Onstad of Achewood.  Has it really been 9 years of Achewood? Wow!



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