Comix Talk for Monday, November 1, 2010

NOVEMBER? F'r reals? Wow… Okay a short update today – first off congratulations to Kate Beaton on winning Lulu of the Year and all the other Lulu winners.  ABRUPT TRANSITION: speaking of Kate Beaton, she tweeted a pretty obvious TRUE point that apparently led to a reenactment of Crossfire! on twitter.  Anyhow I think Ken Dahl's comic sums it up well (h/t Scott McCloud) and has the benefit of being independently awesome anyhow.

REVIEW: Delos interviews Witch Knots.

INTERVIEW: Bryan Lee O'Malley answers questions about his process.

CRAFT: Benjamin Birdie posts another breakdown of a comic page – he's been doing this somewhat regularly for awhile now.

HYPE: Warren Ellis puts out another call for webcomic plugging at his White Chapel message board.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kris Straub lays to rest the persistent rumors that he is a gigolo juggalo.

Last but not least please vote in my poll on "how do you read your daily batch of webcomics" – click here to vote and see the results so far.


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