Comix Talk for Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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AWARDS: The WCCAs which lasted for most of this decade as an awards program for webcomics don't show any public signs of resurrection. The long-running webcomic-focused site The Webcomics List started an award last year that they are returning for a second edition this year.  Here's a press release with a run-down on this year's edition.

INTERVIEW: Audio interview with Ben Costa, Shi Long Pang (warning audio starts up automatically).



  • Zach Kagin writes about the online debut of his comic Slightly On Center a three-year long comic strip printed three days a week in local New Haven newspapers. Kagin describes it as "a cross between xkcd and Cyanide & Happiness, ranging from the nerdy to the existential and inappropriate."
  • Tommy Phillips writes about the horror in space webcomic The Horror of Colony 6.  Phillips does the art for the comic and he does a nice job so far.


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