Comix Talk for Thursday, November 4, 2010

For some reason Google Reader is showing EVERY entry on every RSS feed (instead of only the unread ones) – if anyone can help me with getting this back to the way it's supposed to work please tell me how!  Thanks.  I'm still busy but one thing that caught my eye this week was the Supreme Court case on videogames which the CBLDF actually has a couple of blog posts up on – one a roundup of news and the other a reaction from new CBLDF counsel Bob Corn-Revere.  Based on questions quoted her, the current Supreme Court seems to me to be much less friendly to First Amendment rights than the Court in the 90's that gave the Internet and the Web the full protection of the First Amendment.  This quote in particular from new Justice Alito describing video games as “a new medium that cannot possibly have been envisioned at the time the First Amendment was ratified” is really quite startling.  Most "mediums" are newer than the passage of the First Amendment, comics included.

REVIEW: This Week In Webcomics reviews MS Paint Adventures.

NOT (QUITE) WEBCOMICS: Lauren Davis has a nice recap of the non-comics anthology Machine of Death reaching #1 for a day at Amazon and what it might mean for webcomics.


Rick Smith writes about his webcomic Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery which tells the story of two guys who run a bike shop and the challenges they face in the store and on the road. Yehuda's the utilitarian advocate; Joe's the go-fast pragmatist. Thistle Gin, a wrench and biking mom, rounds them out.  I'm a fan of Smith's work from his comic Shuck and although I haven't been following Yehuda, it looks pretty good. I'm not really much of a cyclist but that didn't seem to be an issue with enjoying the series so far.

Richard Pulfer writes about his new superhero webcomic called Blue Yonder. Written by Pulfer and Luke Perks and illustrated by Diego Diaz, it's billed as a coming-of-age superhero tale:

Jared Davenport was born to be a superhero. The son of high-flying crime-fighter Albatross, Jared is used to saving the world before curfew as the sonic superhero Blue Yonder. When a mysterious enemy unleashes a brutal vendetta against the Davenports, Jared finds himself on the run in the back alleys of Venture City, with his only allies the washed-up superheroes dwelling on the other side of the tracks. But the enemy is closer than Jared suspects, and he must learn who he can trust before it’s too late.


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