Comix Talk for Monday, November 21, 2011

Well there's been plenty of good comics shtuff this month, but your trusty "plays-a-reporter-on-the-internet" correspondent has been delinquent.  So let's see what the what right now.

HOWDY TO: David Morgan Mars Bar wrote a very interesting how to do webcomics kind of post.  He certainly knows webcomics having made thousands of them and his advice is very good.

iWEBCOMIC: Engadget reviews comics on the Kindle Fire and the Nook.

MILESTONES: Penny Arcade is a teenager. (h/t Fleen).  And Real Life is twelve.  The kids grow up so fast these days.

SPLENDID IDEA: Alan Moore made a video in support of an effort to get a memorial to the late cartoonist Harvey Pekar at the Cleveland Library.  The effort is being spearheaded by Harvey's widow Joyce.

JOHNNY DRAMA: Man this episode of Spacetrawler is just wrenching.  At this point I'm completely hooked on the universe that Christopher Baldwin has built for this story.  This particular reveal gives his webcomic a parallel to the classic short story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.

ECOMMERCE: Has anyone checked out Dwolla?  It touts itself as an alternative to the entire credit card system and charges a mere 25 cents per transaction.

ECOMMUNIST: Kris Straub writes about Kachingle which strikes me as another unneeded "micro-gifting" system.  Straub makes a very good point that because Kachingle is using an opt-out method, it's collecting money on his behalf without his permission.  

Kriss Kross Will Make You: Joel Watson is parodying 21 Jump Street and Occupy Wall Street? Kudos to you good sir!  Related: Cartoon Riffs had a round up of Occupy [YOUR CITY HERE] comics.

Girl, Genius, Interrupted: Check out El Santo's poll regarding Agatha's exit from Castle Heterodyne.  Has it really been 3 and 1/2 years of this story arc?  I've been delinquent in reading this webcomic — time to catch up on the Foglio's masterpiece.

PRIMARY COLORS: The Washington Post's comics blog is conducting is soliciting nominations for a poll on your favorite webcomic of 2011.  So there's that.

BULLMOOSE AMUCK:  Rick Marschall will speak on Teddy Roosevelt in political cartoons at the Library of Congress, November 29th at 11:30 AM.


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