Comix Talk for Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two days of posting in a row? Something must be up…

iWEBCOMICS: The Beat points to INK, a digital anthology, which is a pretty good idea.  This one is created by the students and faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York. The first issue can be read for FREE and downloaded for iPad or read on the web.

GAMING:  Valve has created another great webcomic, this one for the upcoming DotA2 and it turns out that the final entry of the webcomic holds a survey that could get you into the beta.

HYPE: Geeks of Doom reviews Heist: Homeland Insecurity.

UNDEAD HYPE: Karl Kesel's Johnny Zombie is a fun zombie webcomic that's just started.

GROUP HYPE:  WHATNOT is an art/comics blog by Amanda ConnerAndrew RobinsonBecky CloonanBill SienkiewiczCliff ChiangDan PanosianDuncan FergredoEric CaneteFrancesco FrancavillaJockMark ChiarelloMike OemingPhil NotoReverend Dave Johnson, and Sean Phillips.  It's pretty dang good.

MAILBAG:  Reed Hawker's webcomic Culture Shock hit its 10th year anniversary this month.  (DrunkDuck hosting changed its name to The Duck Webcomics but still has the domain name and the same green duck logo. Hmmm…)  To celebrate, he's holding a contest — entry in the form of guest art about the comic, deadline December 12th.  Oddly enough, the archive only has about 200 comics in it so it's not quite as intimidating to jump into as the 10 year mark would suggest.  It's a little scattered at time but basically a funny tale of a knight and ninja out of time.


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