Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for getting my computer repaired just five days before the warranty expired.  Knock on virtual wood it works for a few more years yet!

THANKS: A new slice of Achewood? Don't mind if I do.  And Ray detox-in' just sets the holiday mood.

FOOD: Comics Alliance spotlights several recipe webcomics from Saveur's website appropriate for today's festivities.

MAILBAG: Rick Forgus writes in about TALES FROM THE BLACK HIWAY — the story of Ray Lantry, an author who embarks on a personal cross country journey to write his own Beat inspired novel. But, things don't work out as he planned and he is thrust on a dark journey that takes him into the shadow world of the supernatural. Monsters, creatures, curses, and an ancient carnival that leads to a close relationship with a beautiful angel of death and a battle with an ancient mechanical Chinese warrior.  It's like Jack Kerouac in an Outer Limits episode.

KICKSTART MY ART: Ed Power writes in about his kickstarter project for Santa Versus Dracula. (Power used to write for the comic strip My Cage for King Features).  Check out their video below:


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