50% off the calories that is!

HYPE: Have I plugged Ethan Nicolle’s new webcomic Bearmageddon yet?  Because it would be unbearable if I hadn't…  

DUDES IN LONG UNDERWEAR: This series of art deco superhero posters is very cool.  So are these 8-bit versions of superheroes.  And even superheroes get the blues.

RADIO GAGA: Next month is the 4th anniversary of the Webcomic Beacon podcast. Before December 4th, listeners can enter the 4th Anniversary Special Giveaway, to win one of several comic book prizes. Multiple entries allowed for multiple random drawings. People can enter by submitted artwork, voicemail feedback, and signing up with and using the new link referral program. Prizes include books from the comics Theater Hopper, Bittersweet Candy Bowl, Zombie Ranch and others.

MILESTONE: The webcomic Blue Yonder soared through its first year anniversary this month.  Created by Richard Pulfer and Luke Perks with illustrations by Diego Diaz, Blue Yonder is the story of Jared Davenport aka Blue Yonder, a hot-headed member of a premiere superhero team whom, unfortunately for Jared, happen to be family. The Illinois-based Pulfer and Texas-based Perks have been friends since high school. Diego Diaz is a veteran cartoonist and children’s book illustrator based in Argentina.


  • James writes in that he's started a new comic called Agthbar the Extemporaneous
  • Egypt Urnash writes in about his sci-fi webcomic, Decrypting Rita, which is about a robot/cyborg lady and parallel realities.


Evan Dahm is going to put out his epic The Order of Tales in a single volume edition.  Do I need to sell this?  It's a fantastic fantasy webcomic that just screams for the book treatment.


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