Comix Talk for Monday, November 28, 2011

So I did an interview with the Webcomic Beacon podcast — it'll come out sometime in December. That's my 2nd interview ever — perhaps you'll listen and understand why… One thing I did learn was that the Beacon has a sister podcast called The Webcomic Beacon Newscast with Rossscott (who also MC's Super Art Fight). Listening to it right now — not a bad combination of topical comics stuff and commentary.

ASK ME ABOUT MY BUTT ANYTHING: Jeph Jacques did a Reddit Ask Me Anything about a week ago – some interesting stuff in there, particularly if you're a fan.

KICKSTART MY ART: Paul Duffield, the artist on Warren Ellis' FreakAngels webcomic is in the process of launching his own webcomic, The Firelight Isle. The story revolves around two young characters who have been friends since birth, a weaver named Anlil and Sen a spearman in training. The world is a fantastical one that forms a backdrop on which to explore human culture in a fictional setting.  Duffield has started an IndieGoGo campaign (similar enough to Kickstarter) to raise some scratch so he can spend more time working on it.


MAILBAG: Bad Breath Comics #4 by Josh Juresilo arrived in the (physical) mail box this past week. It's a jumble of short and shorter stories with a very 'zine-like feel to the comic as a whole.  My favorite part of it was the throw-away covers of fake 1950's comic books, all of which overly-incorporate aliens into their theme.  A bit on Alan Moore's "Selective Celebrity" is also a good one page bit.  Two longer stories are "America Vs History" and "Stretch of Road" both of which are sort of in a not-that-funny, but no real left-turn in the plot grey zone.  The book as a whole is a solid, if somewhat amateur, effort. 

KEENSPOTTED: John Gallagher announced that he's hooked up with Keenspot to serialize on the web the graphic novel Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule taken from his great all ages comic Buzzboy.  He's also releasing it on iTunes through Comics Jukebox, and in early December in print from Red Giant Entertainment. This should be standard textbook rollout for a comic these days and I hope this helps grow the audience for Buzzboy. And good for Keenspot — it added a blurb to its homepage on adding this comic to its lineup:

As eagle-eyed visitors to our San Diego Comic-Con booth in July might've already figured out, John Gallagher's BUZZBOY has been recruited into the league of Keenspot heroes! Joining our growing line-up of kid-friendly comics like COUNT YOUR SHEEP and BRAWL IN THE FAMILY,BUZZBOY follows the adventures of world's coolest super sidekick, a cheeseburger-chomping, pop culture-quoting dynamo! But what happens when his mentor, Captain Ultra, and all the top adult superheroes disappear, and Buzzboy and friends are left to save a world where sidekicks rule? Find out by STARTING AT THE START!

HYPE: Comics Alliance had a cool round-up of good comics from last week.


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