Comix Talk for Monday, September 20, 2010

One Year of Guilded Age by Campbell, Kahn and Henderson

MILESTONES: A little late but it was Guilded Age's one year anniversary this month.  RESPECT!

CONVENTIONS: I went from a weekend of comics overload to a weekend of coaching girls soccer.  Just what are the differences there…  Anyhow still haven't finished my SPX/Intervention Report yet (but still planning on it) so here's other folks interesting comments:

CRAFT: I thought this post by Jeph where he showed how a QC strip worked with different fonts was interesting. If you go with digital font over hand-lettering you're presented with a huge set of options — I can understand how you might want to change it up after 1500 strips.

INTERVIEWS: CBR has an interview with Shaenon Garrity, currently working on the daily comic Skin Horse.

REVIEWS: Johanna Draper Carlson reviews Gordon McAlpin's first print volume of Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show and Delos has a review of The Checkered Man.  I also posted a review of Joann Sfar's graphic novel adaptation of The Little Prince.

BATTLE OF BRITANNIA:  Kris Straub is apparently in England as we speak.  I have this half-formed Beatles = Half Pixel joke in my head; "hey which Half Pixel is Kris?" but maybe I'll leave the jokes to the properly caffeinated this morning.


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