Comix Talk for Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dumbing of Age by David Willis

TOPIC OF THE DAY:  David Willis' new Dumbing of Age is like the (new) Star Trek of webcomics (I am waiting for the red matter to show up) Discuss!

CONVENTIONS: Intervention reports that its fundraiser collected $500 for EFF.  SPX raises money for CBLDF.  Both good causes, but If you're into webcomics, EFF is probably as important as CBDLF.

IT'S THE ECONOMY STOOPID PIGEON: MK Reed ran through some rough numbers for overall attendees, educated guesses about gross revenue and costs to come up with a rough estimate of profit per creator for the recent SPX.  It's an interesting thought experiment but I can't imagine it means all that much to any individual creator.  There's a big difference between Kate Beaton's table and someone who is at their first convention.  Also of interest — Sean Kleefeld notes that Dorothy Gambrell of the webcomic Cat And Girl has posted several charts with her annual income.

DEFINITIONS: El Santo debates "what is a webcomic?" I agree with his knocking down motion comics — not really comics at all in my book.  He also runs through several other examples where people have debated the definition of webcomics.

HYPE: Jen Wang's KoKo Be Good is now out on the shelves.  Needless to say I love this book and I should have a full review telling you why up on the site this week.


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