Comix Talk for Monday, September 27, 2010

I posted a review this morning of Kazu Kibuishi's GREAT Amulet 3.  Great all ages comic.  I should have a lot of reviews coming up this week (making a big dent in the stack o' review books!).  In the meantime here's some comic news worth checking out this AM:

Let's All Go to the Movies:  I have Gordon McAlpin's first book collection of his comic Multiplex on the review book pile but the Art Patient blog has a review of Gordon's new book up now.  And Bleeding Cool has an interview with Gordon McAlpin (with one of my favorite comics from Multiplex featuring the "insolent blogger").

FULL TWEET AHEAD: Angela Melick (creator of the webcomic Wasted Talent) and her husband Trevor May have created Webcomic Tweets a portal for following webcomic tweets and other social media.  (h/t FLEEN)

OPINIONATED: Ward Sutton recreates the funny pages if they were all written by members of the U.S. Republican Party Tea Party.

INTERVIEW: The Charlotte Observer has an interview with Dustin Harbin.  I wasn't really familiar with Dustin before, but he moderated the SPX panel this year with Julia Wertz and Kate Beaton and more than held his own as a funny, intelligent person.  

iWEBCOMICS: Deb Aoki has an interview with comiXology CEO David Steinberger.

HYPE: Topless Robot picks 9 Indy comics its reader should know.  A few webcomics in there — they all look interesting.

SPX HANGOVER: Some parting remarks from creators Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner as they say their goodbyes to this month's SPX from the hotel parking lot.  I met both in person for the first time this year (if you missed it, I posted my interviews with them from SPX here).

NOT WEBCOMICS: I'm not sure if the teevee series adaptation of The Walking Dead comic book series is going to be good but this fan-made opening credits sequence using the art from the comics is AWESOME:


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