El Vocho: Environmental Webcomic from Steve Lafler

Steve Lafler wrote us about his new comic El Vocho which offers a crackling urban romance pairing Rosa, a brilliant inventor, with laconic Eddie, geek artist. Can love blossom in this tense thriller, pitting big oil against budding genius Rosa?  Rosa and Eddie meet in a fender bender and tempers flare, but cupid shoots his arrow and the two fall for each other. It takes their combined smarts and intuition to create the perfect clean energy engine. The results? A flying VW Bug with an engine that runs on air, of course!

The Comics Journal is giving this a lot of coverage — there's a review of El Vocho here and a three part interview: one, two and three.  The print version of the El Vocho graphic novel is in the October Previews from Diamond Comics, item code OCT101061


Xaviar Xerexes

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