Comix Talk for Thursday, January 20, 2011


BE OUR GUEST: Christopher Baldwin is filling in on art chores for the all ages webcomic Snowflakes.


Zampano is new webcomics site that features established European comic creators. The site has been up and running successfully for two years in German. Recently it has added English and French versions of its comics. Updated five times a week, Zampano showcases free serialization of  autobiographical, political, experimental and fantastic graphic novels by creators like  David Boller (Kaos Moon, Witchblade, Spider-Man, Elfquest), Rene Lehner (Oscureo) et Rudolph Perez (Zebra).

Zampano founder David Boller, a veteran of the American mainstream industry, is excited about the multi-lingual and multi-platform publication possibilities thanks to modern technology and the internet: “Technology is giving the power back to the creators. We’re taking the same approach with our projects similar to what the music industry did years ago. We’ll create the content, keep all the rights and hire distributors, digital as well as brick and mortar, and gang print the books at a central location in Europe. A novel and profitable concept for a future, in which the pie has become to small to share? We think so.”


Richard Pulfer writes that his webcomic Blue Yonder is running a contest that asks fans submit to submit a superhero character that Pulfer and co-writer Luke Perks will proceed to pen a demise for in a one-page story.  Art will be by Diego Diaz, the artist on Blue Yonder.  The deadline for submissions is February 1st, with the winners announced and posted on the website soon after. 

Pulfer adds that while the contest might sound a bit morbid, it’s not without precedent. In 1988, DC Comics held a telephone poll determining the fate of the second Robin Jason Todd, resulting in the acclaimed Batman story “A Death in the Family.” DC also held a contest for fan-submitted superheroes in 1998. The winner Retro was killed by the supervillain Prometheus, who used his identity to enter the Justice League’s Watchtower HQ.


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