Comix Talk for Wednesay, January 19, 2011

I miss Journalista! I never tried to exhaustively link-blog last year and won't this year either. These link-heavy "Comix Talk" posts include stories that I find interesting and think others will too. So what kinds of things do I look for?  I got back into comics in the nineties through the birth and growth of webcomics.  So I have an ongoing interest in digital stuff about comics.  I'm also eclectic in my tastes in comics, much like my tastes in music, books, film etc.  I'm not sure what the buzzword is/should be (the "new mainstream"?) but I look at comics through "non-superhero-only" glasses and in my world every genre is equally important. I'm also trying to practice what I used to preach which is that creating is as important as consuming and have picked up pen and paper (and wacom)  again. So I'm usually interested in things that seem helpful to me in my own efforts to make webcomics.

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GOOD DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP: Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac writes:

My friend the redoubtable and unstoppable Chris Sparks of Sparking Design has launched Team Cul de Sac, a fundraising site for Parkinson's research.  It's a part of TeamFox, the Michael J Fox Foundation's fundraising arm, which in the last year alone raised almost 4 million dollars for research.

The project is looking for donations of drawings of characters from Cul de Sac for a book that will come out from Andrews Publishing — the deadline in May 15th.

HYPE: Scott McCloud and Brigid Alverson recommend the new The Abaddon.

REVIEW: Tangents reviews Girl Genius.

INTERVIEW: The Daily Cross Hatch posts the first part of its interview with Susie Cagle.

CRAFT: Gary had this great post yesterday at FLEEN with links to posts on facial expressions and athletic models.  Great stuff for working on the art-ing.

WORDS: Lea Hernandez offers some advice on writing a graphic novel.

CONVENTIONS: Intervention opens up registration for its 2nd edition, including the Comicpress workshops with developer Frumph.  The other convention in the DC area, SPX, opened up it's exhibitor registration this week.


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