Comix Talk for Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reactions to Valerie D'Orazio's post on the looming closure of Friends of Lulu this September if more support and help isn't immediately forthcoming: Johanna Draper Carlson writes about recent problems with a hope that a reduced in scope FoL can survive; FoL co-founder Heidi MacDonald writes she offered to help with the FoL Awards and suggests she will work to keep it alive in some form no matter what happens to the organization; and Laura Hudson writes that the new transparency is a good thing.

MILESTONES: Fleen writes about the impending wrapup of Bellen! and Box Brown's shift to focus on his Everything Dies project:

This, I think, is what web/indy comics allow that print/corporate comics don’t — the ability to wrap up a story or strip, or turn it into something completely different, and let the creator not get subsumed by the creation. Look back at the early days of comic strips, and you’ll find creators that let one strip finish and another take its place all the time. Today, get into the papers with a big enough hit and that’s it — you’re locked in forever (I believe the legal term is in perpetuity) and long after you’re dead, something you thought might last for a decade is still be put together by the former assistants of former assistants or children and grandchildren.


Interviews: Good Comics for Kids blog has a video interview with Lark Pien


HYPE: Scott McCloud points to Justin Crane's new website filled with new and old comics.


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