Comix Talk for Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So two things ComixTalk-ish I want to mention:

  1. I need guest bloggers again due to vacation and other conflicts scattered throughout the fall.  I'll be asking (you know: begging) several folks personally, but if this strikes you as an interesting opportunity send me an email (xerexes AT gmail DOT com) or a tweet (xerexes).
  2. Lately, I've been really interested in experimenting with some ideas for a radio show (podcast I guess) and would love any and all tips or pointers to good FAQs on all of the technical side of producing audio and/or video shows for the web.

Neil Jam by Neil Fitzpatrick

INTERVIEW: Cross Topic interviewed Neil Fitzpatrick of the comic Neil Jam.


NOT WEBCOMICS: David Rees, creator of the webcomic Get Your War On, reincarnation of Andy Kaufman or frustrated Bob Villa?  You decide!

CONVENTIONS: Scott McCloud offers a word of advice derived from his recap of the recent SDCC: patience.

FRIENDS OF LULU: Valerie D'Orazio blogs about the state of Friends of Lulu and although it's a very forthcoming post, it's probably not the entire story (there's always other sides to the story).  Nevertheless I feel for D'Orazio who seems to have made efforts to improve things but had a hard time rallying support from members or outside supporters.  In fact, to D'Orazio's view things have gotten to the breaking point as she writes:

If by September 2010 nobody steps forward and shows interest in helping run this organization, I will start taking steps to officially dissolve it as a non-profit. Then I will donate the leftover money (if any) between the other major comics charities, return the donated artwork, and ship the historical records and sketchbooks to a University or MoCCA.  Before I would take steps to dissolve FoL (if it comes to that), I will personally contact a number of concerned parties via a mass email asking for volunteers to keep the organization going.
I have been the president of a volunteer organization a couple of times now and I can tell you it's never easy!  And not everyone has every skill set needed to run a group well — success is often dependent on having allies who complement your weaknesses with their strengths.  I don't know what's going to happen to FoL but hopefully D'Orazio's post will start a more transparent and public discussion on the future of this organization.


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