Comix Talk for Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm sure there's a ton of good comics to read today and with everyone back from SDCC, well… what's next? To wrap up SDCC memories though, Gary has a transcript of the Webcomics Lightning Round at SDCC that he moderated – good stuff.

Moving on to iWebcomicsJoey Manley writes about the spate of new iPad apps for the traditional comic book companies.  First, iPads aren't going to replace PCs anymore than PCs replaced TeeVees or replaced movies.  The pie grows a bit and the slices change sizes but it rare that NEW THINGS replace EXISTING THINGS.  Also I'm glad people are liking some of the new apps but until DC and MARVEL sanely commit to presenting their entire library of content in a digital format they're never going to put a dent in the illegal scanlation stuff let alone begin to grow an audience for their work beyond the direct market hard core crowd.  I don't know — would you be super-excited about watching LOST, if you got seasons 4-7 plus the STARTLING ORIGIN episode on the new iPAD ABC TEEVEE app but for the rest you had to go to used VHS stores to hunt for the tapes?  WTF, right?


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