Comix Talk for Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I drew more sketches of webcomic characters yesterday, but so far resisting the urge to post everything I doodle this year.  Instead I'll link to Chainsawsuit which combines the anthropomorphication of time with counting down the days until the Olsen twins are legal.

ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART: This time some advice from comic creator Rina Piccolo about happiness, money and creative freedom.

COPYFIGHT:  Another look at what's missing from the public domain in the United States this year because of the continued increases in copyright term lengths.  I'd love to see links to similar posts for other countries as well.

SHE'S CRAFTY: Gordon McAlpin posted this two part series last year on how he does the hand-drawn versions of his webcomic Multiplexpart one and part two.

LAND OF THE GIANTS: Whitney Matheson reports that Jim Woodring will debut his giant steel dip pen, January 9th in Seattle, WA.

YES BUT WHAT'S MY MOTIVATION: The Inkygirl blog is running a writing challenge to help motivate aspiring writers — would a comicking challenge work equally well?  


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