There Are No Ruts in Rutabaga

Brainstorming a new title for the daily spotty updates I've called "Comix Talk" the last couple of years.

To me, one of the most not-covered stories of last year was the "upgrade" of to the wordpress platform and it's seeming abandonment to spam. Along with the total absence of any significant announcements of new products, services, etc from the corporation Comicspace last year (please correct me if I'm forgetting anything) I'm not surprised to see a blog post like this one from Reinder Dijkhuis on getting out of Comicspace.

2010 IS SO LAST YEAR:  Susie Cagle has a series of comics on 2010 in review: part one, part two and part three.

HYPEY McHYPE:  Get a look online at Justin Madson's eerie dystopian future comic series, Breathers at MTV Geek. I'm a big fan of this and have bought all of the books so far.

DEAD TREE WALKING:  Tyler Page, creator of Nothing Better, has been posting about his (self) publishing experiences. At the end of last year he posted part 4 which covers dealing with Diamond (catch up on Part 1Part 2, and Part 3).


HOW LONG UNTIL AMULET 4: Kazu Kibuishi posts that he's in the final push on Amulet 4 (yay!) and he posted a photo of his studio set-up.  These kind of photos can be pretty interesting — especially when you're in despair over your own shambles of a workspace (like… me).

COME OVER TO THE WEBSIDE: One of my favorite cartoonists Alex Robinson has writer's block. He blogs about it from time to time – part three from December entails a plan to just write a story. He also asked about publishing it online and there's a good discussion in the comments there. Before that he linked to an idea of using "100 themes" to generate ideas and work. His newfound discovery of the board game Settlers of Catan is probably not going to help with his productivity this year 🙂



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