Comix Talk for Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Computers blues baby.  My iMac is no longer the bright and shiny machine it was in 2008.  But we'll see how it runs after I do an erase and reinstall on it.  I'm still debating whether to upgrade to Lion — the early 2008 iMacs are limited to 4 GB and I'm hoping that won't be an issue.

Oh comics? I should have a few reviews up this week, but I think I'm taking the month of August off.  It's been a tough year for me to find time to blog about web+comics already and I'm thinking a month off from it might help me recharge my batteries. 

In fact I just saw that Dave "Teen Astronaut Boat" Roman and Raina "Shine" Telegemeier will be in my neighborhood next month with an appearance at local book shop One More Page.  Unfortunately I'll be out of town that day and so won't get a chance to congratulate Raina on her very recent Eisner award for her graphic novel Smile.  But you totally should!

The Crosby Twins (okay not twins, but I've been reading Keith "Glimmer Twin" Richards autobiography lately and it's on the brain) announced at ComiCon that they'd struck a movie development deal for the director for the movie version of Last Blood, the zombie-vampire mashup webcomic.  [See Chris Crosby's comment below for more details]  ComixMix pitches this as the furthest a webcomic has gone to a movie but there's probably no there thereCowboys And Aliens, which is an actual movie coming out imminently, started off life as a webcomic.  Still that doesn't really matter — the Crosbys have been pretty explicit about their plans and hopes to strike movie deals for their comics properties so they have to be pretty excited about this announcement.

And for more ComiCon stories thank Tom Spurgeon, who does another one of his fantastic efforts at linking to everything on the web about ComicCon in one place.


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