Comix Talk for July 19 Nnnn Nineteen Nineteen

Still having a lot of fun playing with Google +  It seems like there's a lot of comics folks on there. One of the most active has been Ryan Estrada who is not only posting on it full runs of various webcomics he's created, but he's also been creating infographic guides to Google + itself.

A few stories I highlighted on Google + that I really should have blogged about here:

  • El Santo catches that the Xeric Foundation is going to stop giving grants to people to self-publish their comics because of…. webcomics! I get it but I do think the grants served a critical niche that got people into print that might otherwise never make that leap. Read more at Webcomics makes the Xeric grant obsolete.
  • First I'd heard of this issue — is there anything else to Amazon's Most Favored Nation pricing policy that Dave Wright is missing? I didn't find author Cory Doctorow's answer all that illuminating either… Read more at Does Amazon Allow Free Samples? Depends Who You Are. | Collective Inkwell.
  • When you ret-con a webcomics archives, should you label it as such? I'm not even really sure how many times this has been done in a webcomic. (The two examples Sean gives in this article are not really ret-cons as that term is used by the comic book community, these are more like reissuing a book with a couple of corrected pages). Read more atKleefeld on Webcomics #23: REAL Retroactive Continuity.

A story I just got in my inbox from Rick Marshall about a Comic-con photo scavenger hunt he's hosting on his blog and he's giving away some of the toys and comics I accumulated over the last few years — as well as something cool from Hasbro — to the winners (and maybe the runners-up, too).

Basically, I've come up with 50 things to take a picture of during the show, and people just have to upload any of them they find to a public Flickr group. It's pretty simple and could be a lot of fun. It also seemed like a cool way to bring the Comic-Con craziness to people like myself who won't be there. 😉

And what the heck let's dive even further into the ComixTALK mailbag.  Brian Delaney writes that he has a new webcomics site that features two serialized webcomics: The Silver Sparrow and Blood Machines.  Delaney plans to alternate the strips like television shows, in seasons. Each season is 12 weeks long and updates every Wednesday.

Serializing Superheroes on the Web: Over at GammaSquad they ran an article featuring webcomics creators pitching their versions of Marvel and DC characters. I would probably read anyone of these if they really existed.


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