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Sorry for the summer doldrums here at Comix Talk. I have extra-neglected things here this month because of Google + which to be fair is a shiny new bauble. Can you really blame me? S H I N Y ! ! ! ! !   And for whatever reason there are already a lot of artists on G+ which has made it an interesting place to check up on and also potentially a more effective network.

MILESTONES: Seth Kushnar has posted a tribute to Harvey Pekar in comics form — now up at Act-I-Vate.  Kushnar blogs at GraphicNYC and also creates the sort of regular CulturePOP comic series of which this Pekar tribute is part of.  Kushnar in the comments to the comic notes that he didn't know Pekar particularly well but he clearly has an appreciation for his work and does a remarkable effort with this comic.

HYPE: If you hadn't already heard, Greg Rucka has a webcomic: Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether written by Rucka with art from Rick Burchett.  What's it about? From the comic's about page: "Swords are cool. People fighting with swords are cool. Airships are cool. Cowboys are cool. Pirates are cool. Clockwork men are cool. Smart, savvy, witty women are very cool. Laconic gunslingers? Totally cool. Steampunk? Frosty."

PREQUEL SEQUEL REQUEL: Sorry, don't know what to call this category yet but it's become apparent that it's a hip trend to bang out a comic as an accessory to a media property.  We've seen this for several videogames and teevee series.  Out recently is a comic for Burn Notice which is first and foremost a basic cable teevee series. There is also a comic for the upcoming movie reboot of Planet of the Apes. Thankfully, sometimes this work has been really entertaining (no comment yet on Burn Notice or Rise of the Planet of the Apes as I haven't read all of them) as opposed to being just adjunct marketing for the main media property.

CRAFT: Delos rounds-up recent tips and techniques from webcomics creators.


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