So I've had some time sucked up by Google + the last couple of weeks and although I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to use it, I have seen some creative comics ideas tried out on it already.  Ryan Estrada has posted some of his entire comics on his profile and also a "how to" for it.  I'm not entirely sure if these links to Google+ are going to work or not, including this one to my own profile there (it would be nice if Google+ added short urls for your profiles).  Everytime you post something there you have the option to share it with the "public" or a smaller number of people — all the way down to one person if you want. It's also built around a one-way social relationship (so more like Twitter than Facebook) — you add people to your circles which is pretty much "following" someone on twitter.  However it seems like if you follow someone who then also follows you that Google+ recognizes that distinction so maybe ultimately it will be a hybrid between one-way and two-way social connections.

Anyhow – the big positives for Google+ are that it seems like they are taking privacy more seriously (but time will tell), and the UI is slick and easy to use. If you want an invite let me know and I will get to it for you today.  Invites seem to go on and off so try again later if it doesn't work for you right away.


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