Comix Talk for Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So ICANN the folks who brought you such hits as .mobi and .name have changed the rules to let anyone pay for anything to be a top level domain name.  Hello and and… gabe.pennyarcade? 

Prose and Poetry: A couple of stories of interest. The New York covers self-published author Amanda Hocking who has recently signed a deal with publisher St. MartinsClement Vincent writes about his experience with folks pirating his new poetry volume.  There are more serious comments to be made and possible parallels for webcomics but Hocking's books remind me of a certain series in Shannon Garrity's Skin Horse comic and are poets seriously worried about anything but obscurity?

KICKSTOP: John Gallagher's kickstarter effort for a boxed collection of four all ages comic books fell well short of its $10,000 goal for funding.  Over at the ComicsDC blog, Gallagher asks several questions about ways to restructure the fundraising drive to be more successful a second go round.

WEBSNARKILY MARKILY DOO: Eric and Wednesday are back with a new Websnark blog and Eric is writing up a storm this week. I've always liked Eric's writing – kind of a long-distance geek Algonquin roundtable.

iWEBCOMICS: Sean Kleefeld covers an early digital comics effort from the 90's — Marvel's CyberComicsDouglass Wolk covers the much more recent iPad and asks if it will recolutionize or destroy the comic book biz.

ALOHA MEANS PENGUIN:  CBR interviews Berke Breathed about the latest volume of the Bloom County collection and grills him about his role in the Mars Needs Moms movie. Look video below!:


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