Comix Talk for June 27, 2011

Summer vacation! This is the one day of the year when I really really wish I was still a kid getting out of school… So while my posting on ComixTalk the first half of 2011 has been a touch irregular (compared to the last decade!) I picked up my tumblr blog again (inspired by the return of Websnark) and have been posting there.  It's a bit different focus than just comics (but still comics heavy) but still you might want to check it out (my tumblr blog tweets too so you can also just follow me there).

OPINION IS JUST ONION + PI: OMFG – Brian McFadden will be making comics for the NY Times.  The first one is up online here and he’s onboard for the gig for a couple of months.  I met Brian like a decade ago — an extremely nice guy with buckets of talent.  I'm looking forward to reading his work for the NY Times.

HOW MANY PLATES CAN KRIS STRAUB SPIN: Kris Straub wrote a post about the long list of comics and webvideo projects he's working on.  A lot of people may now think of Kris as Scott Kurtz's partner in (comedy) crime but this post will give you a good sense of the many projects he's put out to the public over the last decade.  The post makes it sound like Straub will be putting F Chords back on hiatus again which is a bummer — it's the comic of his I've liked the most. I think that's because Kris has sometimes had a tendency towards meta humor and just more complicated stuff with somewhat higher-brow references and the two main characters in F Chords really balanced against that.  These two dudes are well defined and for me at least, their emotions struck me as the most human Straub has done — I think they are identifiable in ways that Starslip just doesn't offer.  Also I drew some fan art!

DC CONS – INTERVENTION and SPX: Intervention 2011 is getting more expensive after July 1 when the pre-registration rate jumps from $35 for the full 3 days to $40.  And time is running out for you to submit your work to the Ignatz Awards which are presented at SPX. If your comic work was or will be released between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011, you’re eligible!  More details here.

HYPE: I just ran across B. (Brian?) Patrick's Akimbo Comics which is often funny in a darkly cynical, blunt way.  Definitely worth checking out (I'd start at the last one and work backwards).

LEGAL BEAGLE: This review of DC and the SIegel heirs competing claims to the character of Superboy is interesting. Author Jeff Trexler is a lawyer and does a good job of explaining things here.

HYPE2: Darryl Cunningham presents a comic explaining the theory of evolution.  Cunningham is a good writer but I didn't think this was one of his better comic efforts.  I thought the visuals were awfully static and not particularly inventive. Still if you need a handy reference guide to some of the basic arguments in favor of evolution, this does the trick nicely (print out and save for your next Thanksgiving dinner with that one opinionated uncle…)


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