Comix Talk for Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did I mention I have a fairly active tumblr blog too?  Right now I'm enjoying messing around with that. Follow me and let me know if you have a tumblr blog I should be following.  Did anyone get an invite to Google+? I guess Randall Monroe sums up my sense of Google Wave Buzz Plus pretty well.


Moonlighting Syndrome: Eric has a post up at Websnark about the romantic(?) comedy comic Treading Ground and it's dangerous flirtations with a Romantic Comedy Tension Resolution Point.

COMICS IS NOT CORRELATION: Google commissioned a comic from Manu Cornet to explain it's new Google Correlation tool.

MILESTONES: The Drawn Blog notes Pat Grant has completed his webcomic Blue.

HYPE: Check out lots new good stuff on the web including Emily Carroll’s The Prince & The Sea and Dov Torbin’s The Revolution Will Be Televised.  For more hype check out The Beat's open thread on webcomics to read.

CRAFT:  The Drawn blog points to the Animation Archive's free resources section on their site and Tracy J Butler's (Lackadaisy Cats) tips on character drawing.


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