Comix Talk for Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I beg to differ — short weeks make the world go round. The New York Comicon sounded like it was a really good show – I saw estimates of 100,000 plus attendees.  Gary had a write-up here and USA Today's PopCandy blog flagged 5 books it found here.  The Comics Reporter's "collective memory" roundup of stories on the NYCC is here.

A few more stray notes from conventions in DC last month.  I met T.J. Kirsch at SPX this year and bought a couple print versions of A Sam Kimimura Mystery: She Died In Terrebonne — the webcomic Kirsch draws and Kevin Church writes.  Not sure how they're printed but not a bad way to "recreate" an installment feel in print.  Not necessary, but seemed like a nice thing for fans to pick up.  I also got a copy of Kirsch's mini Slim Johnson's Fever Dream which is indeed weird like most dreams are.

At SPX (or maybe it was at Intervention — the creators' label Interrobang Studios was at both) I picked up Ensign Sue Must Die! by Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk. It's a pretty funny little parody about a Mary Sue character run amuck in the "new" Star Trek universe. I also picked up The Lettuce Girl from Sophia Wiedeman (I interviewed her this year at SPX and ComixTalk reviewed her previous work The Deformitory).  A take on the fairy tale Raphunzel from the witches perspective. And last but not least, Jamie Noguichi gave me a mini called Pandoom about (sort of) real life panda bears Ling Ling and Tai Tai.

DEAD TREES: Last week we learned that Dark Horse has signed up Dr. McNinja to its roster with a book coming April 2011.  Creator Chris Hastings mentioned that it will be Book 4 — he's keeping books 1-3 on Topatoco.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Sam Logan's Sam & Fuzzy.

iWEBCOMIC: Stories are circulating on the digital comics reader Longbox's deal with Adam tablet maker.

HYPE: Warren Ellis had another tell-me-about-your-webcomic threads at White Chapel. I usually find good links there.


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