Super Art Fight, the self described "Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe", returns to The Ottobar in Baltimore on Friday Night, October 15th for SUPER ART FIGHT 8 featuring a performance from nerdcore legend MC FRONTALOT.

A Super Art Fight is a wild mixture of pro-wrestling and Pictionary, presented as 30-minute bouts pitting artists from throughout the world of comics, webcomics, roller derby and elsewhere.  The bouts start with a set topic given to each artist, and then every five minutes, new topics are given to the artists from "The Wheel of Death", a randomized topic generator, featuring suggestions from fans cultivated at After 30 minutes, it's the live audience's cheers which choose the victor. 

Live music will be provided between the matches by Baltimore based band Fifth Wheel & The Double Dates (featuring members of Charm City's own Karmella's Game and Avec) and there will be a headlining set by rapper MC FRONTALOT (, touring behind his new release "Zero Day".

Addtionally, DJ Sheephead of The Megadrives will be turntabling during the fights, Ross Nover and Marty Day will be providing live commentary, and comedian Michael Rodman will be performing a warm-up comedy set.

The Card for the Evening: 

DOUBLE Main Event:  

Main Event #1: Super Art Fight Championship Bout Jamie "Brawlin'" Baldwin (Champion) defends against Nick "Ghostfreehood" Borkowicz

Main Event #2: Super Art Fight #1 Contendership Bout The Charm City Roller Girls' own Chelsea "Gross Misconduct" Grose battles Michael "Spaghetti Kiss" Bracco

Deriving from a very controversial Fan's Choice vote, this double main event is poised to be two of the greatest back to back bouts in Super Art Fight history.  In the main event, you have Jamie Baldwin, the first female Super Art Fight champion defending against Nick Borkowicz, co-creator of Super Art Fight. They previously battled at Super Art Fight 7, and many fans felt that Borkowicz deserved the win. On October 15th, he'll get his chance at the championship – ONE LAST TIME.

For the other main event, you have two competitors with the best records in Super Art Fight history – the still wet behind the ears Chelsea Grose, a Charm City Roller Girl who made her debut at Super Art Fight 6 and has yet to be defeated, and Michael Bracco, a Best in Baltimore Graphic Novelist who is a former Super Art Fight Champion in his own right. Who will win the title shot for Super Art Fight 9? All will be decided at Super Art Fight 8.

Grudge Match

Bryan "Silent But Violent" Prindiville battles Chris "Impact" Impink

Coming out of our live show at Intervention 2010, these two veteran art fighters have made it very clear they wanted to face each other in the most manly of pursuits, a Super Art Fight! The anger between these two competitors has become quite palpable, with rage-filled tweets and drawings showing up across the internet.  Be careful, you may not want to be first row for this one, as the battle may not stay on the canvas for long for these two!

Rookie vs. All-Star

The Debuting Josh Taylor battles Jami "Angry Zen Master" Noguchi

During a trip to Washington DC, Super Art Fight scouts were shocked and amazed to find an artist drawing on an all-white Scion xB with sharpie marker. Besides the fact that the art looked cool, that couldn't be legal, could it? Luckily, it turned out that the artist was doing a promotional event for the popular car manufacturer, and that artist, Josh Taylor, really seemed to like the idea of taking his art from the streets and throwing it on our massive wall of canvas. But don't think we're going to start him easy, oh no! Taylor's opponent? Jami Noguchi, co-creator of Super Art Fight, known around the world for being the artist of one of Time Magazine's Best Graphic Novels of 2007, Erfworld.  At Super Art Fight, you have to learn to run before you can crawl, and Josh Taylor will certainly hit the ground running in his debut bout against Jami Noguchi.

All art generated over the course of the night will be available for purchase via live auction (so audience members can take home a piece of the action, and directly support future Super Art Fight events).  

The main details:  

When: Friday, October 15th. Doors are at 9 p.m., show starts at 9:10 p.m with a warm-up set by Michael Rodman, full show is underway at 9:30.

Where: The Ottobar at 2549 N Howard St, Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Admission is $12 (All Ages), and tickets are available online at

Go to for more details, or contact for questions, interview requests, and file art of past fights and competitors.


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