Comix TaLK FOR tUESDAY…brAINS bRAinqdwdqad

I was all set to write this zombie parody post this morning and well… I didn't.  But that title stays dang-it!

iWebcomics: An interesting survey of 500 iPad users indicates that the browser is still the most popular app and that they continue to use it heavily even after the first few months.

BUSINESS: Boing Boing profiles The Indie Band Survival Guide: The Complete Manual for the Do-It-Yourself Musician — a soup-to-nuts guide to musical survival in the 21st century, written by two of the members of Beatnik Turtle.  Certainly there must be some useful information in there applicable to any DIY artist, including webcomics.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Party Bear.

INTERVIEW: The second half of Brian Heater's interview with Tracy White.

HYPE: Some amazing art from Emily Carroll including a Fallout New Vegas character. (h/t someone – most likely Journalista!)

NOT WEBCOMICS: An interview with David Malki!, Ryan North and Matt Bernnardo on the rise of their anthology of short stories, Machines of Death, to #1 for a day.


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