Comix Talk for Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time for me to start thinking about end of the year articles and the inevitable tweaking of Comix Talk for next year…. But for now here's some things I thought were interesting for today:

iWEBCOMICS: Comixology announced a beta test opportunity for independent comic creators to get their comics into the Comixology marketplace.  CWR notes that the program won't actually start until next year but publishers and creators can sign up for it now here.

INTERVIEW: Brian Heater has the first part of an interview with Roger Lanridge.

REVIEW: CWR has a review of The Art of Failing Buddhism, the print collection of Ryan Dow's webcomic Introspective Comics.

MILESTONES: Tony Murphy announces he's ending his syndicated newspaper comic It's All About You.  DailyCartoonist reports that he cited the "lack of client papers" as the reasonYou may remember Murphy for his successful Kickstarter drive this summer to fund his weekly comic paper for coffee shops called Coffee Talk.

AWARDS: Kirkus released its Best of 2010 with lists of best graphic novels for teens and for children.


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