Comix Talk for Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apparently happy Star Wars day? Maybe thanks but no thanks for Jar-jarring it up Georgie…

Interviews with some interesting webcomickers: Angela Melick of Wasted Talent and Katie Omberg of Office Bitch.

Mailbag: Paul Houston writes in about the first issue of a new comics magazine, Renderwrx Magazine.  It's free and available for download as a .pdf file. I skimmed through it — it's 40 pages covering varied aspects of the comic book industry.  There's some kind of Comics Idol kind of evaluation section that was interesting (Donna Barr was one of the judges).  But to be honest, it's nothing I can't find at a ton of other online sites about comics that update daily (or almost daily) right in my browser. I'm not a big fan of downloading pdfs, especially for news — which is not something I'm generally interested in archiving.

SOME HYPE:  A nice publicity splash for Teenage Satan, a new forthcoming webcomic by Stephanie Buscema, Candis Cooke, and Marsha Cooke.

MY HYPE: I'm enjoying Scott Kurtz's 1940's style action/adventure storyline for the LOLBat in PvP.  The artwork in PvP has really impressed over the last year — it's clear that Kurtz is really working at improving his range.


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