Comix Talk for Tuesday May 3, 2011

I woke up to an email from Rosscott(c)TM who posted a great "hmmm" essay on how a more modern Webcomic management system 3.0 might incorporate some of the cooler functions from other popular web 2.7 websites of today. There's a lot of potential good ideas in there and an already interesting comment discussion.  Get over there and let him know what you think about his ideas.  Ross could actually make some of this happen so the more information he can gather from readers and creators the better.

Oh Sony….. I wonder if Penny Arcade will unload on them again.

An interview with Zach Weiner in FORBES!  I can hardly wait until the annual FORBES Richest Webcomickers list(C)TM comes out.  Also apparently the new FORBES Spiffy Short Bio Writing Service(C)TM is now open for business: Zach Weiner is a full time cartoonist based in Santa Barbara. In addition to SMBC, he co-writes SMBC Theater, writes for, and recently published Captain Stupendous via IDW. You can read his Star Wars graphvella here. Nice

Loved Dave Kellet's Literature(C)TM collection of his Sheldon webcomic and like Scott Kurtz would be thrilled if he won an Eisner for it. Eisner voters – not convinced by my endorsement?!?! Dave has offered a free PDF copy of the book for you to review before you vote. I've been catching up on Beastie Boys recently (not to be confused with the also awesome Beagle Boys) and Kurtz's name is just begging for a good rap rhyme.

Hmm Comics Worth Reading rounds up even more free comics for Eisner VOTERSAfrodisiac, Gene Luen Yang’s Prime Baby is online at the New York Times Magazine website, Julia Wertz’s Drinking at the Movies has had many of its pages posted at her old website and Boom! has announced that you can read I Thought You Would Be Funnier online.

Ooh Boy On A Stick Tumblr and Slither!  And Lauren Davis' flags that Gisèle Lagacé and Dave Lumsdon have launched an Eerie Cuties spinoff called Magic Chicks.  Gisele's art work is always worth checking out.  That's a wrap folks!


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