Comix Talk for Friday, April 29, 2011

Tinkerer's Handbook by David Malki!

Another week, another month.  Here's something fun I found this week — Calamity Jon Morris submitted a fake Criterion cover this week for the movie Carry On Camping.  Not familiar with the Fake Criterion blog? Overly serious covers for ridiculous movies – a treasure chest of wit and visual hijinks abounds.

MILESTONES  9 years of Wondermark! Holee David Malki!  Be sure to check out the recent parody of the modern maker movement — "The Tinkerer's Handbook (The Magazine For People Who Cannot Leave Well Enough Alone).

REVIEWS: Lauren Davis reviews Quantum Vibe and Escape from Terra.

BELIEVE THE HYPE:  MetaFilter links to comics by Nick St. John.  Slice-of-crazy-life stories with simple drawings.

DEAD TREE WALKING: Austin Price and Matthew Rainwater are proud to announce the release of Garage Raja: Going Underground. The first in a series of graphic novels collecting their webcomic, this volume contains the first six issues of the series in one sleek, affordable trade paperback. An adventure story in the tradition of such classics as Herge’s Tintin and Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, Garage Raja:Going Underground follows the adventures of Ned, Reginald and Ghurnst — members of the titular band — as they encounter everything from an underground city of Mods to a tribe of barbaric Lizard-People in the search for their missing drummer. Collected here in high-quality print, this first volume contains over 200 pages of content, including scenes, commentary and sketches that cannot be found anywhere else, not even on the website! If you’re looking for a break from the glut of humor based webcomics, an alternative to the superheroics that dominate the industry, or a comic that loves music and music history as much as you do, then look no further than Garage Raja (Album 1): Going Underground!

FRIDAY THE 13th 29th:  Sam Costello's Split Lip, the horror webcomic called “some of today's best horror comics" by the Providence Phoenix, is debuting its latest collection, Termites In Your Smile and Other Stories, at the Boston Comic-Con this weekend (Artist's Alley #109) and it will also be available online here.  The 8 stories in this collection offer 176 pages of off-kilter, disturbing tales of horror and suspense. It features stories written by Sam Costello and art by Sami Makkonen (Deadworld: Slaughterhouse), Jason Ho (Agnes Quill), Christine Larsen (LaMorte Sisters, Valentine), and others. The book, with a cover by Shane Oakley, also includes commentary and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the creation of each story.

TOOLS:  Andreu Ratés Garcia writes about Comics Fever (developed by a Spanish company Plung Interactive) which provides a platform for creators to publish and sell their comics, "all over the world using digital storefronts in different mobile devices and tablets (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, iPad, etc). This platfrom democratizes the publishing process. Any artist can publish and manage his content in the platform, set the price for his products, and see how are the sales going in real time, and get his 20% share each 3 months."  A quick look at the website shows that it's launching May 15th and "free" to register before May 31st.  Unfortunately there's nothing to do but register — no demo, no real explanation of the service on the website.  So maybe worth checking back on later next month.


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