Comix Talk for a Monday

COLLECTIVE BARGAIN: I don't pay as much attention to collectives as I used to — I don't think anyone does actually. Or maybe it's just that the form of collective has mutated, adapted and evolved to the point where it's not really recognizable in the way it once was.  Or maybe I just don't pay enough attention.  What were we talkin' about?  Well one of the longest-running collectives is Blank Label Comics and Gordon McAlpin (creator of Multiplex) just announced that he's joined us with Dave Willis (Shortpacked), Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101) and Spike (Templar, Arizona).

EDITORIALIZE THIS: Darryl Cagle writes about how he worked with the redesign at to incorporate slide shows of related editorial comics to certain articles. Cagle has a point that grouping editorial comics by topic makes obvious sense.  I still think a lot of the editorial comics work I see online is the comic equivalent of a mediocre pun, but good for him and others for experimenting with better ways to get their work to more people.

INTERVIEW: The Daily Cross Hatch posts the first part of an interview with Peter Bagge.  Bagge is an interesting artist who doesnt' do all that much press — should be a good read.

WALTER CRONKITE's FABLES: offers Non-BS versions of fables in this comic.

FROM THE MAILBAG:  The Assemblers, the long running webcomic appearing on DrunkDuck, has just been collected into graphic novel format by Transfuzion Publishing..  Written and illustrated by Andy Dudak, The Assemblers is a futuristic tale of destruction yet also rebirth.  A preview is available on  The story centers on October 30th, 2151. Traditionally Devil’s Night has been a celebration of havoc, but in the future, mischief in the Age of Nanotech is much more complicated. Three young vandals, Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer, team up tokeep the spirit of their egg-throwing forbearers alight.


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