Comix Whispers for Monday, April 18, 2011

MANANIMAL IS THE NEW MANGA: Tokyopop is closing its North American publishing operations and it's probably going to be the biggest story all week.  But I don't have much to say really. Deb Aoki has a decent overview of it all.

MAKE ME A WEBCOMIC: Sara Ivry writes that Tablet Magazine has another webcomic up today about Passover — this one by Vanessa Davis, of most recently, the graphic novel, Make Me a Woman

APRIL FOOLS: I also heard from Terrence Marks that he has restored a webpage with all of the links to the 1999 APRIL FOOLS COMICS SWAP.  That was probably one of the first webcomic community big events and webcomics has gotten way too big to ever have something quite like that again.

Not Really Webcomics: Cute pixelated animation of SEX BOB-OMB band from Scott Pilgrim Blows His Nose.


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