Comix Stream of Conscious for Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday… Friday! Webcomics… webcomics! Typin' at the keyboard… I know making fun of that song is well and truly done but for some reason its sonic worm has respawned in my ear this morning.  So… you're welcome.

Spacetrawler continues to be awesome.  Go read.

She binded me with science! Um they may be doin' it wrong in the world of Dresdan Codak.

You know what's pretty good but horrible for ya? Mixing up a bag of jelly beans and M&Ms and then eating the whole thing.  That's what I hear anyhow…

I did not get a preview copy of Vera Brosgol's Anya's Ghost graphic novel but I am looking forward to buying one.  Gary did get a preview and writes a very positive review.

Have fun storming the sand castles!  Lauren Davis posts about cartoonists' evolving self-portraits.

Psst Clark? Lois is not amused. I am no longer sure if my favorite Kate Beaton comics are historical or fictional character ironization.

Ping posts on what happens to your webcomic when you're dead? Probably for most people, nothing.  As in it'll linger on until hosting and registrar plans run out and then disappear or be claimed by the URL-lapsing spaminator.  For those making a living at their work, however, that copyright is going to pass onto your heirs and you probably ought to come up with a plan to pass that on.  Not necessarily to make more comics, but just to have a plan so someone is looking out for your work and your website when you no longer will.


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