Comixpedia Best and Worst of Times

Just thought I’d share how the controversial May issue is going so far.

I think overall the issue will be a good one. We didn’t get all of the stories we may have wanted for the issue but we have a solid cast of stories coming all month. We got a lot more controversy over the cover than I expected but I think we’ve done what we could to address all of the concerns (except for the “take that cover down” complaints).

Lots of folks have checked out the site. We will hit our “average monthly page views” sometime this week which means we could come close to doubling that when the issue is all said and done. I wish we had a multi-something budget to promote Comixpedia but we don’t. We don’t have much of a budget at all (although we are meeting our hostings costs now). So every jump up in numbers is hopeful news to me because it expands the connection between Comixpedia and readers of webcomics at large.

We are also in need of new staff members to keep the magazine running. We’re looking for section editors, folks who can manage one of the sections of the magazine. This could involve writing some of the articles for that section or not (up to the editor to be). It definitely involves editing and it definitely involves managing people (you have to brainstorm, assign and reel in stories from contributors) and it involves recruiting contributors. I’d be happy to talk further with anyone interested.

It does not definitely involve pay. In fact all of the editors of Comixpedia have worked for free for 16 months now. We love this project – that’s why we’ve done it. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be that way forever but that’s the way it is today.

Probably another post on that topic coming soon.


Xaviar Xerexes

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